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Internet Marketing: Not new but vital

The idea of Internet Marketing began alongside the beginning of email; in 1983 when Compuserve launched the first commercial Internet email product. Even though marketers didn’t use emails in the 80’s, Internet Marketing Services didn’t miss out on the opportunity once it became mainstream.

The Netscape Navigator then became a must to Internet users leading to the web as we know it complete with interactive marketing and advertising, much as it is today. All Internet marketing Services know and understand the marketing advantages that browsers provide today. At Unique SEO our Online Marketing Consultants ensure that these advantages are used to the max.


Online marketing is best achieved by using strategies such as SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and SEM (Search Engine Marketing). At Unique SEO an online marketing consultant will use strategies like ON page SEO & off page optimization thus increasing your website ranking organically in any search engine by using the right keywords. SEM is another strategy used by an Internet marketing company in order to increase traffic to your website; this is done by managing & creating a PPC campaign for your website by paying for leads with a targeted advertising approach. This is done by using Google Adwords, which launched in 2003 and still takes the lead in Internet advertising and remains a $20BN market today

Mobile Optimization

Unique SEO aims at providing a variety of solutions to promote your on-line business including web development & designing. This includes making your website mobile friendly which became necessary after 2007 when apple launched the iphone and since then smart phones have flocked the market. Our online marketing consultants make your website more search engine & user friendly.

SMM (Social Media Marketing)

At Unique SEO we manage and create social media marketing campaigns for your business. The creation of Facebook and other Social Media Sites like Instagram, Twitter, Linked in and the list goes on paved the way for a marketing platform that if used correctly by an Internet marketing Company increases brand awareness, online presence and promotes your products. Especially with the Open Graph, a Facebook technology launched in April 2010 which gets consumers to volunteer their identity to marketers by pressing the Facebook Like button. This allows for market research as well as advertising.

Content Marketing

Let’s not forget the golden rule of Internet Marketing Services Content is King. At Unique SEO all Online Marketing Consultants are experts in writing unique, interesting and attractive content for all content marketing purposes.

At Unique SEO we provide the best Internet marketing services from web development & designing and content creation to SEO, SEM and SMM for each site individually, keeping in mind your needs and targeted audience.


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